The Other

Befriend, a new sermon series, where we will learn from Jesus the value of building relationships with people who are different from us.

And we begin our journey this morning by befriending The Other. Now, who is The Other?  The other is anyone who finds themselves on the other side of the Us/Them dividing line. In our culture today we have a serious black & white divide, a serious red & blue divide, a serious rich & poor divide, a serious heterosexual & homosexual divide. Most of this has become political, but I would argue that it’s a human problem that needs a spiritual perspective. Many, if not most of us, stereotype and make judgments on The Other because we’re convinced we know who they are and what they are all about. Sometimes we do so because we are afraid. Sometimes because we are angry. But mostly because we are ignorant. But if we are really serious about following Jesus & becoming like him, we are going to have to be people of open hearts, open hands, and open homes even & especially with The Other.