Culturally Relevant

Every person on planet earth seeks meaning and purpose for their lives. We long for comfort and security and value in a variety of different ways. But what happens when your way differs from mine? So often these days we write people off, disengage from and even demonize others when they don't ascribe to the same set of values we do. As a people of faith, this is a disgrace and a tragedy and something that has to change. Listen as we look at the value of a compassionate, thoughtful, redemptive response to people and culture who see things differently but still deeply matter to God.

Loving and living God,
Please join us as we gather here together today

that we may know your blessing
and you may know our devotion;

that we may know your presence
and you may know our worship;

that we may know your will
and you may know our willingness;

that we may know you in the silence … … …
and you may know us in our praise. Amen.