The Gift of Nature

The Psalmist tells us that God’s creation proclaims his glory. That when we look at nature, somehow in some profound way it speaks to us about who God is without ever even saying a word. The trees, the fields, the mountains, the heavens, the seas, the sun, the moon, the stars, and so much more. How is it that this happens? Come join us  as we invite you to connect in a more personal and meaningful way with God through the practice of both enjoying and caring for the natural world around you.

You, loving God, are the ground of our being and the river of life;
you both steady our roots and draw them to seek the living waters.
You are like the sunlight enticing us taller
and like the breeze rustling our leaves.
You are with us through hard seasons of summer heat,
and in the nights when winter’s frost ice the landscape
your love warms and sustains us.
You are everything to us.
O let our gratitude be great,
let our praise be plentiful,
let our worship be wonder-full!
Through Christ Jesus your ever-living Son. Amen!