The Gift of Love

The Spiritual Practice of love: God is love and Jesus calls us to love one another which will identify us as His followers. Loving each other is our purpose in life because everything that really matters in our lives is relational. Jesus gives us the best example of what love looks like; he shows us that love isn’t doing what makes us feel good. Love is doing what is good in spite of how we feel.

Father God, Your extravagant love has called us together.
Long before we even knew You, You already knew us,
and had chosen us to be part of Your own family—
sisters and brothers with our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.
What amazing love You have shown toward us!
And so, we come before You with praise and thanksgiving,
offering You the worship of our hearts and lives,
and opening ourselves to the prompting of Your Spirit.
Receive our worship—our praise and prayers and offerings—
through the intercession of Your Son, Jesus Christ,
our Savior and Lord.
May the time we spend here in Your presence today
bring honor and glory to Your Name. Amen.