Facing Our Fears

More often than not, its not one thing that happens to us, but rather one thing after another that brings us to a breaking point. COVID is enough to strike fear in our hearts. But it's not just COVID. It's the isolation that comes with it, the depressed economy, the lost jobs, the rising debt, the social injustice, the political strife, the hateful rhetoric, and the extensive divide that only seems to be getting worse by the day. If you put enough pressure in just the right place everyone has a breaking point. We all know this to be true. But what we don't know is what to do about it?

If you could use some help or hope in the places of your greatest fears and deepest pain, we hope you will tune in as we look at and learn the secret of being able to run with endurance until  a breakthrough occurs.

Christ Jesus,
we come into your presence
from many different places.
We come with songs of joy
and words of gratitude.
We come carrying heavy burdens
and also trauma and suffering.
As you join us in this space,
lift our burdens and receive our praise.
Salt us with your grace
and flavor us with your mercy.
Bind us together,
that we may be at peace with one another
and be strengthened to go forth
in service to the world.
In your name, we pray. Amen.