I Love to Wonder

Do you ever wonder what goes on during GraceKids Sunday School? Well, wondering is what we do a lot of. God is huge and expansive and so is the bible. Full of stories and teachings. Full of messages and encouragement. And wondering questions help kids to dive into the text and see themselves in the stories.

Celebrate Wonder is the name of the curriculum we are currently using, and we try to do that each week – celebrate wonder. Children are filled with wonder about the world and how it works. And God created that world, so when we start to understand God, we understand the world better. We also look at how Jesus demonstrates to us how to live in this complicated world and talk about the challenges that present themselves.

We always start the session with a check in question. We talk about the highs and lows of our week and remember always that God is with us in all of it. Then there is usually a review of where we have been in past weeks, just to remember and to catch up those who have missed a week or two.  Then we turn to the scriptures with wonder and curiosity. What does it have to say today? Where is God in the story? What else does it make us wonder about God?

Sometimes we have a game that follows along with the bible story – charades, or a scavenger hunt. Something fun to get the kids moving and active. Sometimes we spend some time pondering or celebrating God while watching a worship video.

Each week we end with blessing each other. This is a moving time when the kids bless each other by name. And so, I close this posting with a blessing for you. May the Lord bless you, reader, with love, peace and wonder. Bonnie Deroski, Director of Child & Family Life