How to Pray the Prayer of Examen

The prayer of examen is a daily spiritual practice that encourages us to review the day with God and to discover where He is at work in our lives. While it is often practiced at the end of a day, it may be used at any time. Simply find a quiet place in which you are able to reflect on the previous 24 hours.
· Preparation: Spend a few moments in silence, allowing yourself to become still. Acknowledge God’s presence with you and welcome God to walk with you through the events of your day.
· Review the Day: As you move through the day, reflect on each of the events and notice where you recognized those places where God was loving you, speaking to you, guiding you, or showing you something new about Himself or yourself. Allow God to show you evidence of His transforming work in your life and celebrate that evidence.
· Pay Attention: to your feelings and notice your choices. When did I feel most alive/whole? Most drained/fragmented of life? When did I have the greatest sense of belonging? When did I feel most alone? When did I give love? Where did I receive love? Was there anything unusual that happened to me? Are there any habits and life patterns that I notice? Are you being invited to release certain attitudes or behaviors and embrace others?
After you walk through your day, respond to what you discover and take time to ponder what it might mean for you. If there is a need:

• Seek forgiveness
• Ask for direction
• Share your concerns
• Express gratitude
• Resolve to move forward