How is the Vaccine Rolling Out in NJ?

Vaccine Rollout Info from Gov. Murphy’s Office: 

The present challenge right now is the supply chain, but they are confident that more vaccines are coming every week.  They asked for PATIENCE, as info is changing regularly. They got 50,000 calls the first day of vaccine rollout.  They desire equitable access for all who live, work and/or are educated in NJ. Their approach is a de-centralized one; less control; a multitude of sites, and expanding.  

YES, you should still get vaccinated if you have had covid; studies are on-going regarding how long antibodies last and transmission issues.

YES, still do all these things AFTER vaccine: mask, social distancing, wash hands, etc.

Vaccines 90% effective against you getting sick

No answer yet on whether folks will need to get vaccinated YEARLY.

Trials are still under-going for children (more info late spring/summer)

(The SAFETY of the vaccine was stressed)

2 vaccines:  After 1st shot, you should get a card listing your appt. for 2nd shot.

Pfizer (hospital/care workers; has to be refrigerated; 2nd dose at 21st day or after; must be 16 yrs. & up)

Moderna (more widely used; 2nd dose at 28th day or after; 18 yrs. & up)

There should be NO COST, but….
If you do have insurance, they will take your info and bill your insurance. 
You should not have to prove eligibility status – they are going by the HONOR SYSTEM initially. (healthcare, over 65, compromised, etc), and ask for folks to register, as their “group” opens up.

Please follow the helpful links below:
The primary resource for information, including FAQs:
The direct link to the state pre-registration page:
Volunteer with the Medical Reserve Corp
The comprehensive list of current vaccine sites can be found at:
The NJ Department of Health has vaccine page, including the state’s submitted vaccination plan:
Vaccine Provider Site Pre-Registration
To subscribe to the e-newsletter, VAX Matters, please use this link:
The Department of Health You Tube Channel with education and informational video clips
The New Jersey Call Center, open
M-F, 8am to 8pm in multiple languages 1-855-568-0545

(They received 50,000 calls on day 1)