global evangelism at grace christian churchIn his closing comments to his followers, Jesus impressed upon them the necessity of touching and reaching all the world with his gospel of love and his message of grace. As twentieth century believers, GCC is still confronted with the same “Great Commission,” but our challenge largely comes in how we seek to do this.

When Jesus came into the world, he did not sit on the outside of the human arena and attempt to minister to us. Instead, he took on the qualities of humanity in order to reach us in a way that we could comprehend. Like him, we are called to be “insiders,” active in the worlds in which we live. We are not only to reveal God to our world, but also to incarnate Him and live as He lived. As the original insider, Jesus came and lived among us. He was not disgusted and rebuffed by sinners—he showed his love for them by going to them and them where they lived.

In the same way, we at GCC believe that the best way to reach people is to go where they are, rather than wait for them to come to us. In doing so, we feel we must take creative approaches to make the changeless gospel relevant in a changing world. This affects where we go, what we say, what we do, and how we do it, because ultimately the mission of “The Church” is to effectively reach out and help people who are lost and far from God.

Local Partners

We believe that good news is profoundly contextual. Therefore, we are committed to feeding hungry people, housing homeless people, visiting and extending compassion to those who are sick and in prison, etc. In word and in deed, our sincere desire is that our lives will reveal to others the Christ of our faith. On a practical level, we do so by partnering with other local communities of grace who help to put us in touch with segments of our community that are in desperate need of good news. To learn more about each of these ministries and how you can partner with them to impact and change the community one life at a time, please refer to the following links below.

Aslan Youth Ministries
Jersey Shore Rescue Mission 
Our Father’s Persistent Love

Global Partner

We also partner with other ministries beyond our community, to extend God’s love and presence all over the globe. To learn more about who they are and what their ministries are all about, please refer to the following link below.

Himalaya Evangelical Mission