Parent/Child Dedication

“I will give him to the Lord for all the days of his life.”
(I Samuel 1:11)

The ceremony of dedicating and committing a child to the Lord is a meaningful celebration. While beautiful and full of heartfelt sentiment, the presentation also signifies a serious vow on the part of the parents to raise this child in ways that are pleasing to God and a blessing to the world. It is important to recognize the longevity of such a vow. As such, the parents promise, as active Christian parents, to sustain that child over time, which includes:

– Praying constantly for their children.

– Living authentic Christ-like lives for their Children to see and learn from.

– Instructing their children with the scriptures in the way of the Lord.

– Disciplining their children always with love and never from anger.

To that end, we are offering a PARENT/CHILD DEDICATION on Sunday, May 26th in our Morning Worship Service

For any interested families, please contact Pastor Vincent at the church office (732.542.7373) or by email at


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May 26 2024


10:30 am