Advent Sermon Series


Can you remember the last time you experienced wonder?

A time when you were drawn into a place beyond explanation or comprehension. A place where the ordinary took on an extraordinary quality. A place of stunned silence.

For many of us, things that once fascinated us, now evoke little to no emotion, attention, or affection. In many cases, our sense of wonder has been replaced by familiarity and indifference.

If that is the case with you, come join us this advent season as we look at the ordinary stuff of life and rediscover the wonder of the miracles that surround us each and every day.

December 03 – I Wonder #1: How Long? (10:30am)
December 10 – I Wonder #2: How Can I Be Sure? (10:30am)
December 17 – I Wonder #3: How Will This Be? (10:30am)
December 24am – I Wonder #4: What If? (10:30am)
December 24pm – I Wonder #5: Restoring the Wonder (11:00pm) – Christmas Eve (Candlelight)

The event is finished.


Dec 03 2023