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When Prayer Becomes Action

A couple of days ago I posted my confession and shared a prayer with you that I would not endlessly perpetuate the problem of racial injustice because I am too ignorant, too busy, or too afraid.

Now, I want to share with you some of the things I am doing to educate myself, to prioritize the cause, and to take constructive action whenever and wherever I can.
I hope you will join me in learning, growing and making bold choices of your own.
Listed below are a place to begin.

Learning & Growing: Article, Book, & Media:
Why We Need to Talk About Race 

The New Jim Crow


Taking Action: In Support of George Floyd
Sign this petition to demand the police officers that strangled George Floyd are charged or text George Floyd to 55156 Justice for Floyd

Call (612) 324-4499 to be connected with offices that have the authority to charge the officers in the murder of George Floyd

Pastor Vince

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