Summer Sermon Series

The world’s bestselling and most-loved book is also one of the most confusing and divisiveSo many sincere people read, study, and interpret the scriptures in ways that put them at odds with other well-intentioned people.

There are just so many difficult questions. How are we to make sense of the Bible? How are we to understand its purpose, wrestle with its challenges and contradictions, and ultimately come to a place of connection and union with the God it reveals to us?

Come join us on July 19 as we kick off our summer series: Making Sense of…as we seek to address some of the challenging questions that so many have asked in the hopes of learning, growing, and deepening our faith.

July 19 – The Bible
July 26 – The Contradictions
August 02 – A Violent God
August 09 – Pain & Suffering
August 16 – The Death of Christ
August 23 – My Life
August 30 – Revelation