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Spiritual Formation Opportunities

Grace Family,

We wanted to make you aware of a couple of new opportunities for growth and spiritual formation that we will be offering. If you are not currently in a group or taking a class, I hope you will consider participating in one of the upcoming options listed below:

The Happiness Experiment:
21 Days to a Happier Life
Thursday, April 30–May 21

What do you want? No, really, beyond that. What is it that your heart longs for? When asked this question, survey after survey reveals that what most people want is to be happy. We all want it, but so often it seems to elude the vast majority of us. We think to ourselves that if we get a better job, make more money, get into a relationship or get out of a relationship, take a vacation to the place of our dreams or lose some weight (You get the picture) that we will be happy. But a great deal of scientific research, bears out that only about 10% of our happiness hinges on the accumulation or acquisition of stuff or people. However, the same research reveals that 90% of our happiness has to do with how we look at our lives. In other words, the lens through which we all look will inevitably determine what we see and how we feel. So, if you want to be happy, happier than you currently are, come join us in a 4 week Happiness Experiment where you will be introduced to specific practices that are designed to help you look at your life differently and experience the happiness that is God’s gift to you just waiting to be unwrapped.

If you plan on taking this class via zoom, please confirm with an email to
so that I can send you a zoom link and a student’s guide.

Crafting a Rule of Life
Monday, May 4 & 11
(7:00pm – 8:00pm)

It’s’ been said that we achieve inner peace when our schedules are aligned with our values. Crafting a Rule of Life is simply a tool to help us get to that end. It is a way of ordering our lives to be with Christ, become like Christ, and experience life to the full. It is meant to function as scaffolding to our lives to help us prioritize what is important and not just what is urgent, with a mind towards spiritual growth and movement towards God. It is both descriptive and prescriptive; meant to describe our lives as they are and put order to what already is, but it is also meant to prescribe new practices so that we grow. So, if you would like to intentionally craft a plan for experiencing health and life to the full, come join us in this 2 week class that will give you the tools to do so.

If you plan on taking this class via zoom, please confirm with an email to
so that I can send you a zoom link and a student’s guide

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Vincent

PS Next week we will be offering you some other formation opportunities,
so be on the lookout for them!