The Relationship Question

There's a question you can ask yourself that will bring inescapable clarity to just about every relational decision you'll encounter. But a word of warning: it's not for the faint of heart. Discover what that question is as we seek to make better decisions and live with fewer regrets, especially as it relates to our relationships.

Loving God, whose touch can heal the broken places of life,
touch us today...
God of peace, whose spirit of peace can quiet our spirits
of confusion and despair,
reassure us today...
Forgiving God,
whose call to repentance promises grace upon grace,
place your mercy in our souls today...
You who heal the sick and liberate the imprisoned,
who bring justice in the midst of oppression
and strength in the midst of weakness,
pour out your spirit of power upon us today.
Open our hearts to new faithfulness,
redirect our waywardness,
and hold us gently in your goodness.
We confess our need to you,
and we turn to you with hearts filled with hope,
remembering the promises you have made to us.
May your name be glorified in us and through us.
We ask it through Christ Jesus, your only begotten son,
he who is our Lord and our Savior, our brother and our friend.