The Gift of Grief

What do you typically do when you are faced with a significant loss and you are overwhelmed with sadness? How do you grieve your losses and those things that cause you extreme pain? Honestly, most of us are not great students in the art of grieving. But what if we became so? Come join us as we look at how to unwrap and engage the gift of grieving in ways that are healing and redemptive to our souls.

Healing God,
when dismay
is our daily companion,
you come to touch us
with your healing hope.
When grief falls on us
like a ton of bricks,
you rebuild our joy
with your comfort and love.
Jesus Christ, Faithful Spirit,
when our enemies taunt us,
you faithfully stand by our side.
Teaching Spirit,
when we are heart-sick
over the brokenness of our lives,
your compassion races
to bring your gentle balm.
When our joy is gone
and we are stained
by the world's cruelty,
you bathe us in the tears
flowing from Your broken heart.
God in Community, Holy in One,
hear our prayer this day. Amen