The Gift of Gratitude

If you find yourself focused on things that are stealing your joy, robbing your sleep, and shrinking your soul, this message will provide you with a new lens through which to look and rediscover the gift of today and the blessings all around you for which the only appropriate response is gratitude.

Faithful God, we come into Your presence with thanksgiving,
deeply grateful for the unfailing love and faithfulness
You have shown toward us, Your people.
When we call out to You, You answer.
When we are exhausted, You give us the strength to go on.
When we find ourselves in trouble, You are there, standing beside us.
And so, we come before You with gratitude and praise,
offering You the worship of our hearts and lives.
Open our eyes to see and know You here among us;
open our ears to recognize Your voice.
And then when we are done, send us out from here,
to live and work in the world as Your faithful disciples.
In the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.