Down, but Not Out

Intrinsic to life and faith is deep disappointment, opposition, trouble, and pain. But each of those things can actually become catalysts for breakthrough and growth. Come join us as we learn how to find strength from the places of our greatest weaknesses.

God of healing and wholeness, we come together this morning
with gratitude for all the evidence of your goodness and mercy -
found not only in stories of old, but in our lives today.
Lives bruised with tragedy find consolation
when touched by your gracious Spirit;
lives scarred with suffering and rejection
have hope renewed through the power of the living Christ.
We praise and worship you for lives transformed by your grace
and we pray that our lives will reflect your great acts of kindness.
Stir up in us a love like yours so that we reach out
to this wounded and troubled world with the compassion of Christ,
proclaiming the good news with integrity to everyone we meet.
This we pray in Jesus' name. Amen.