#5: The Lost Sons

The Greatest Stories Ever Told #5: The Lost Sons

During the brief time he walked this earth, Jesus changed the entire world through the power of stories. People would come to him in all degrees of panic, fear, and anger. But, instead of confronting them head-on and driving them deeper into their defensiveness, Jesus defused their anxiety by saying, ‘Let me tell you a story. . . .’ Then, drawn in by the narrative and with their defenses down, the listeners would see the story as a mirror, and its light would make their personal darkness visible. In this way, his parables became moments of revelation.” And thousands of years later, those very same stories continue to speak to us, providing opportunities for illumination and transformation in our own lives as well.

On Sunday we will listen to a story within a story of the lost sons told from the perspective of a fictitious character named Firstus, who is an employee of the father of the the two lost sons. Both sons are lost but the love of the father has the power to heal both sons.