#4: For Something New

Christmas Season is a time of great expectation! Let’s face it, there’s no escaping the endless stream of advertisements and messages that filter through into our daily lives, telling us what we should be doing and how we should be doing it, so that we too can enjoy that perfect Christmas. The only problem is that the perfect Christmas doesn’t exist, not now, not ever!

And yet, we rush and push and stress over finding the right tree, buying the best gift, or making the meal that will finally bring our dysfunctional families together in one harmonious, unified setting.  And somewhere along the way, we grow so weary that we say to ourselves, “I just can’t wait til this is over.” And in doing so, we miss the magic and meaning we so desperately want and need in our lives.

But what if this year it could be different? What if we slowed down and maybe even stopped each day and turned aside from the noise and the chaos? What if we intentionally began to Make Room for that which renewed our souls and restored our joy? COME JOIN US this Sunday at Grace as we collectively Make Room for fighting through the pain and discomfort of life and giving birth to something new, which will make this season and the next everything you could hope for and more!