Serenity and Grace in the Pandemic

Grace Family,

Many people are familiar with the first part of The Serenity Prayer which says:
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference. But it is the beginning of the second part of the prayer which says,
Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to
peace” that has me thinking: “What if we could do that?” What if we could slow down and take what is
in front of us, accept it and even enjoy it?

We are in a place we’ve never been and may never visit again. We didn’t choose it, we don’t want it,
and we would like to get through it as quickly as possible. But maybe (if we don’t get too far ahead of
ourselves) there is something for all of us to learn? Perhaps, this is OUR CHANCE to grow, to live, to
enjoy, to accept, to express our faith and to become the best versions of ourselves one moment at a
time. It’s worth a try right?

As we conclude the 2nd week of our new normal, I just wanted to update you on a few things:

• This week we launched our Care Groups with designated shepherds (Caregivers) responsible for
making sure that everyone is connected and cared for in the ways specific to their needs. Efforts were
made via text, telephone, or email to contact every family in our church. Moving forward the
shepherds will be your primary contact, but we really hope that everyone will take the initiative to
reach out and care for anybody who comes to mind. I will also be meeting (Via Video) with our
Shepherds on a weekly basis to get updates on how each and every person/family are doing.
This week the following people celebrate a birthday; please reach out and let them know they are
being celebrated!

Mar 29 – Noah Kluin, Debra Reece
Mar 31 – “Mom” Bucco, Will Crank
Apr 3 – Regina Hurley
Mar 30 – Rhodian & Cleo Green

• Please continue to visit our website, including our homepage &
Grace Facebook page for the latest
information/updates, as well as my personal facebook page that I hope will encourage, equip and bless

• This week we added additional elements to our worship service that we hope was a blessing to you.
We will continue to tweak the service. Please feel free to give us feedback so we can know how to best
provide you with what you most want. Below is the link that will give you access to this coming week’s

You can also continue to access the library of sermons at our youtube channel:

 Worship in Giving: We encourage you to use our online giving options, so that we do not fall behind
with our budget commitments during this season. If you don’t regularly use online giving, but wish to
do so at this time, here is a donation link to Grace:
Or if you prefer, you can send a check or cash to our address: 1961 Wayside Rd. Tinton Falls, NJ

It is critical for those who are still able to give, to do as you normally would. And, if some of you are
even able to give over and above, we can then create a fund where we are able to help those who will
either temporarily, or permanently, lose their source of income.

• This week we had also hosted our first 2 adult groups online:
Life Recovery Group meeting on Tuesday at 6:30pm
Bible Study on Wednesday at 6:30pm
If you have interest in being a part of either one, please email me at
and I will send an invitation for you to join us. We will also be looking to form some other additional
groups in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Both Lorraine and Bonnie are also hosting zoom meetings for kids and youth to connect, learn and
minister to each other. Reach out to them if you or your youth didn’t get the week’s link for the zoom
meetings for each. – Lorraine, or The times are:
GraceKids – 4pm on Sundays
Junior High Youth – 6pm on Sundays
GraceKids Zoom Party – 6pm on Thursdays
Senior High Youth – 7pm on Thursdays

Our desire is to provide as many vehicles as we can to help you stay connected, encouraged, and
blessed during this time. If you have time or talents you would like to use to help us, we would love for
you to share that with us.

For example, Janice Beeby has begun making cotton masks that can be washed repeatedly. They are
not medical grade, but we believe they will help, especially if you are at risk or if your health is in any
way compromised. If you would like to have one, please contact her at

Until next time…Grace and Peace,
Pastor Vincent, Elder Board, & Staff