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My Confession

Like many of you this week I watched the video of Mr. Floyd (a Grown man) telling the police officer who had his knee on his neck that he couldn’t breathe, crying out for his mother, begging for mercy, and finding none. He was already handcuffed, already immobilized, and already detained. Nothing else needs to be understood to know that what all 4 officers did is not only inexcusable and wrong, but inhumane and evil.
For those who knew George Floyd best and loved him most, I pray that God somehow bring them consolation, peace, & ultimately justice. While I didn’t know George Floyd personally, I know that he bore the image of God and therefore was my brother. He was our brother (all of us) and yet his life was cruelly and viciously taken from him. To make matters even worse, as horrific and senseless as his death was, it is unfortunately not isolated. It is a part of a systemic evil that exists in our country and has since it was founded and settled. How have we tolerated this scourge in our land for so long?

As a person of faith, I have clarity that I can no longer be faithful to what I believe while remaining silent in the face of such injustice over and over and over again with our black & brown brothers and sisters. I am angry and I am heartbroken at what happened with Mr. Floyd and with so many countless others who have gone before him. Obviously, fundamental changes cry out to be made in our nation on every level. But, honestly, I think that those changes need to begin in my head and heart. And maybe that’s true for a number of us? I don’t really know about you? But my prayer is that what I have felt in the last several days will become the catalyst for helping me find the courage and the resolve to become the change agent I was put on planet earth to be. It is my prayer that rather than endlessly perpetuating the problem because I am too ignorant or busy or afraid, that I care enough to actually become a part of the solution.

This is an issue of life and death! May we all find the eyes to see the image of the Almighty in one another, to hear the cries of those whose voice has been muted and discounted, and the courage to step forward and do something about it!

— Pastor Vince