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What is a Legacy?

In simple terms, it is passing something of lasting value from one generation to the next. It could be money or property, but most of the time when people talk about leaving a legacy what they mean has more to do with one’s accomplishments or contributions to the world. Did people leave others better for having been here? Is the world a better place because of X? And that’s what I want us to talk about today. As you look at the final chapter in Elijah’s life, I want you to consider his legacy. What did he leave us with?

Read II Kings 2:1-11

Whether we live for a little while or a very long time, whether we’re rich or poor, famous or not, the criteria for a lasting legacy begins with a life that is set apart, but it continues with one that opens to and receives blessing, and ultimately one that walks in faith.

Elijah was a man just like us who leaves us with a story that we’re still talking about and learning from almost 3,000 years later. What are you leaving for those who come behind you? When people remember you, what will they say? Will it be meaningful and memorable for all the right reasons? What is it that you want to leave behind? What will your legacy be? You know you get to choose. Choose wisely.