Our staff is a collection of dedicated individuals who are called to care for and serve our Grace community in a variety of different ways. Listed below are the staff members with a brief bio of each.

Janet Kluin

Lorraine Carroll

Bonnie Deroski

Katinka Rife

Maria Fisher

J’ney Uplinger


Grace Christian Church is an elder-led church. The elders are responsible for providing spiritual leadership to the Church, including: prayer, teaching, general oversight, strategic direction, equipping of Ministry Team Leaders, shepherding, and spiritual protection of the congregation. Each member of the team, with the exception of the Senior Pastor, is called by the congregation to serve a 3-year term. Members are selected for spiritual, personal, and relational maturity, along with special gifts or skills needed by the team. After an elder serves two consecutive three-year terms, there must be a minimum of a one-year break in his or her service on the Board. Normally, there is a minimum of three and a maximum of nine Elders called out to serve each year. Listed below are the members of the Elder board with a brief bio of each.

Janice Beeby

Janice has called Grace home for over 20 years. She likes to quilt, garden, walk in the woods or at the ocean and enjoys music. She is the mother of...

Colin Jay