We are convinced that God not only values authentic, loving relationships, but that these relationships are also the foundation of the entire Christian faith. Therefore, we believe that connection to a community with God’s people is essential for one’s spiritual growth and health. At Grace, one of the primary ways we accomplish this is through our Small Group Ministry.

Each and every one of our Small Groups are an open door into the life of our faith community and also a place for spiritual growth to occur. When you become a part of a group, you are able to learn and grow, as well as experience the support of people who both love God and genuinely care about you as well. In each of our groups, we celebrate personal victories, support one another through difficult times, and offer unconditional love along the way.
Each of our small groups fall into one of 2 categories: GRACE or Connection Groups:

GRACE Groups are interactive and inter relational, giving every member a chance to participate and grow. In many ways, they help to put us in touch with people who, like us, are discovering who they are as individuals, how God made them, and the plan that He has for their lives.

Each Group meets weekly and consists of between 8 and 15 people who are committed to helping one another toward growth and life change. This might happen in any number of different ways, including bible study, worship, prayer, community service, fellowship, and a host of different shared experiences. As we grow and develop the vision and purpose for these groups, we realize that they are only one of a number of different ways to encourage and foster kingdom relationships. However, we are convinced that each group will play a vital role in helping us to move towards becoming the kind of authentic, loving, biblical community we read about in the pages of the New Testament. Our GRACE Groups require a commitment of 1 year, at the end of which time the participants are given a chance to evaluate whether or not they want to remain in the group or to explore other options. All of these groups meet in different locations all over Monmouth County throughout the week. Contact the church office for current groups – 732-542-7373.

Connection Groups are designed to be an initial and consistent point of connection for people at Grace. The groups can range from book clubs to prayer groups, dinner groups to biking groups, etc. Each group is typically based around some sort of affinity and therefore are natural ways to begin relationships with other people at Grace. The hope is that these groups will become a stepping stone for people to eventually move into a GRACE Group and/or ministry team.

Our Connection Groups are time-bound groups, with clear beginning and ending dates (usually between 4-10 weeks in length). They are offered each spring, fall and winter, with a 1-month promotion/registration time leading up to their kick off. Each of our Groups offer a variety of different topics for the participants to choose from, focus on, and learn about. All of these groups meet in different locations all over Monmouth County throughout the week as well. Contact the church office for current groups – 732-542-7373.

The ministry of prayer exists to bring the power of God into people’s lives. At Grace, prayer is the most essential thing we do, as it precedes and under girds every ministry, activity, and program that we have or attempt to begin. As a part of this ministry at Grace, we have a team of people who are intentionally committed to praying for others. Their desire is to be used by God to help people experience the love and power of Jesus Christ, and the healing, transformation, and freedom that He promises to give. The team members pray with the understanding that God’s concern for each person embraces every aspect of their beings and every area of their lives.

While all believers are called to pray, the prayer ministry team is an extension of the church’s formal pastoral ministry, guided by and accountable to the elders and pastoral staff. If you would like to have someone pray for or with you personally or you are interested in serving in our prayer ministry in some way, you can contact the church office at 732-542-7373.