Talking Across the Divide - Grace Christian Church

Talking Across the Divide

In our polarized culture, it’s harder than ever to engage with people outside our bubble and have our views heard. Whether we are debating online, arguing with an angry uncle at Thanksgiving, or working toward social change, the arguments that resonate so well with like minded allies don’t hold much weight with people on the “other side” At a time when simple conversation can quickly turn into a battlefield, it’s up to us to learn how to talk with one another again. If you are interested in learning how to communicate with people you disagree with and make a difference in an us vs. them world, we hope you will join us in this 6-week book club discussion.

All participants will need to purchase the book: “Talking Across the Divide” by Justin Lee

Wednesdays, September 16 –October 21
Led by Vincent Rife & Lorraine Carroll

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Sep 16 2020


7:00 pm


Via Zoom