SharingStories October - Grace Christian Church

SharingStories October

We all have stories to share. We invite you to enter into SharingStories with your Grace family, with the aim of establishing a better understanding of each other thru the lens of race, ethnicity and identity. During the course of the time together, each person will be a participant AND a listener; and each person will hold the responsibility to create ‘brave space.’
Each group of 12-15 people will gather on zoom, all telling personal stories in response to an open-ended question, without offering comments or having a discussion.
Here are examples of the types of questions we may be answering:
Share a story about a time when you most felt at home, or Share a story about your first memory of experiencing color or race.
Each small group will be led by a facilitator who will pose the question for the evening. Over the course of the hour, each member will listen and may hear things that move, pain, confuse, frustrate, and encourage. We hear a story; it touches our soul and resonates in our heart. We share our story and trust the other person will hold and honor what is true, holy and perhaps painful to us. SharingStories opens the way for authentic conversation and deep-rooted relationships. Please join us for SharingStories as we build Beloved Community! Here’s the link: SharingStories October
Facilitatated by Pastor Vincent, Will Crank, Annette LaBarbera, Bonnie Deroski

The event is finished.


Oct 18 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Via Zoom