If the most trying and difficult moments of your life were captured on video, what do you think would others see? Gripping fear and a loss of nerve? Anger that spills over into words or actions you may regret? Or when pushed beyond your limits, under pressure and great stress, would deep compassion and generosity of spirit spill forth?

Sometimes it takes a storm to help refocus us, to help us see what is most important, like each other! We are so constantly reminded of our differences and so frequently divided by issues of race and ethnicity, politics and religion, not to mention our socioeconomic status. We focus and fixate on those things that pit us one against another. But the storms, if they are big enough, strip us of our pettiness and remind us of what should have been clear all along. Life is a gift and people (all people) are precious and made in the image of God.

Therefore, there are boundless opportunities (every day) to celebrate life and go beyond ourselves to contribute in some meaningful way to the life of another. Who do you want to be? Captured on video or not, what would you like for others to see? Choose wisely and be the change you want to see happen one choice at a time.


  1. Kathleen says:

    Thank you Vincent for this, it was very beautiful and really makes me think. There are many moments of my life where my reactions were gratefully never caught on tape! Keeping this in mind, with every new gift of another day I will strive to be my part of that positive change our world continues to need…xo.