Core Class – Discover Your SHAPE

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  • Thursday | January 23, 2020
  • All Day

Thursday, January 23 (6:30-8:30)

The secret to understanding God’s purposes for our lives comes when we understand
how God uniquely crafted and designed us. For what God made us to BE determines
what He intends for us to DO. In this class, we will look at 5 unique factors that make
us who we are called our SHAPE:
 Spiritual Gifts
 Heart (Passions)
 Abilities (Skills)
 Personality
 Experiences
By discovering and reflecting on these factors, we will better understand the purposes
God has for us… the unique way God intends for us to serve Him. SIGN – UP Needed
(Fellowship Hall) Q’s Call church office

Discover Your Shape is 1 of 5 core classes you can choose from on the journey to becoming a Grace Covenant Missionary.