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Grace Family, as we conclude this week, here are some things I would like for you to know:

If you are unable to get out and in need of someone to pick up groceries or medications for you, please contact Susan Haugenes at who will help connect you with someone on our care team who will be happy to do so for you.

Also, we wanted to make you aware of the following resources through Lunch Break:

If you lost your job as a direct result of the Corona Virus, there is an application for relief where you can receive up to $1000 in a very short period of time. See

If you are in need of food, they will provide you with groceries bags once a week and they are also open for Lunch Monday – Saturday.

This week the following people celebrate a birthday or anniversary.
If you know them, please reach out and let them know they are loved and celebrated:

Apr 19 – Ken & Danielle Gallop
Apr 21 – Emily Beyer
Apr 22 – Aaron Carley, Michael Keenan
April 23 – Lynn & John Pebole

Please continue to visit our website, including our homepage: & Grace Facebook page:
for the latest information/updates, as well as my personal facebook page that I hope will encourage, equip and bless you:

Last Sunday, we held 2 special services on Zoom where you could join in and share in the worship experience together with others from Grace.  This week we will return to the old format we had prior to Easter where you can connect with the worship elements whenever and however you choose. But beginning next Sunday, April 26, we will be offering both experiences for you to choose from, as well as a live Q&A following the message. Stay tuned for more on that next week.

This Sunday I will be sharing a message in worship called:  fearLESS where we will explore Psalm 46 and look at what it means to fear Less in the face of our greatest nightmares and next week we will begin a new series in the Book of Acts called The Next Chapter.

Below are links that will give you access to this coming week’s service:

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Vincent

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