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“I Have Decided to Stick With Love”

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Dr. King was one of the most eloquent speakers and gifted leaders we have ever known. His vision coupled with his commitment to actualize his dream no matter the cost has inspired real change and transformation in our world. But of all that he stood for, I am most profoundly struck by his commitment to love.

Sometimes it is so easy to return insult with insult, hate with hate, and force with even greater force. But King believed that every action we take must be motivated by love because it is the most powerful force available to us all.

Today as we honor Dr. King’s life and legacy, let us all commit to the way of love not simply as an ideal, but to a way of life in our homes, in our schools, our churches and synagogues, in our workplaces and communities, and yes even and especially with our enemies. For love is more powerful than hate and it is an absolute necessity for the redemption of our humanity and our survival in the days to come.




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