KWLS – Kids in Worship, Leadership & Service

KWLS provides an opportunity for tweens and young teens to develop creativity, leadership, organizational and discipleship skills as they take the reins for our worship and service projects. KWLS Kids can to try out their wings and find where God has gifted them, and then use their gifts in service to him and his church.

On Sundays, the KWLS Team hosts worship for the preschool and elementary children. KWLS kids also have the opportunity to volunteer in the Nursery or Sunday’S Cool classrooms, help at special events for children, or participate in collections and other off-site service projects.

The KWLS Team meets weekly for rehearsal, training and service projects, depending upon each child’s availability. We understand that some KWLS kids may be involved in sports, performances or other activities and so may not be available for several weeks at a time or for some service events and we will do our best to work around their schedules.

We pray that KWLS will give kids the tools to be active participants in worship and service – to be our future worship leaders, greeters, teachers, intercessors, etc.

Interested in joining KWLS? Contact Bonnie Deroski at